Bodywork Services

Integrative Massage PLUS!

Reiki Services

Signature Programs (call for more information)

1. The Inner Child Sessions™

2. The Lymphatic Sessions™

3. The Balancing Sessions™

4. The Comfort Sessions™ (for Anxiety/PTSD)

5. The Spinal Sessions™

Physician's clearance may be needed.

6. The Oncology Sessions™

Physician's clearance may be needed.

7. The Parkinson's Sessions™

Physician's clearance may be needed.


Online Spiritual Counseling & Healing Session

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Can't see me in person? Let's have a one-on-one online  counseling/spiritual session to confront, process, and integrate your painful past. These sessions will help you:

  • Heal your emotional trauma
  • Understand the body and mind connection so you can take control over your life challenges and/or illnesses
  •  Shift perceptions about old concepts and your belief system.
  • Make peace with your past

I take an intuitive approach to these sessions, allowing Spirit to guide and direct me to facilitate your journey into self-discovery to bring about healing and transformation (sessions are 90 minutes long).