Holistic Synergy Coaching Program™

Are you ready to commit? My 12-week Holistic Synergy Coaching Program™ is a customized signature program designed to help you address the physical impacts of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, and excess weight by incorporating targeted massage therapy and bodywork, Yoga therapy, energy therapy, sound therapy, weekly challenges, and coaching. I will also teach you how to incorporate simple daily habits and routines to improve or restore your quality of life, while addressing the emotional aspects of stress and suffering manifested in the body.    

Through my knowledge, experience, and intuition, I can design an effective coaching program for you to address any physical imbalances. Through our conversation, I will:  

  • Help you understand the body and mind connection, and the way your emotions affect you on a cellular level; 
  • Apply specific bodywork, massage, and Yoga techniques to release emotions that are stuck in the muscles;   
  • Apply energy and sound therapy to further heal and integrate the massage, bodywork, and Yoga sessions
  • ​Apply weekly challenges of proven techniques to burn fat at a high speed rate  
  • ​Refer you to different sources (or other professionals in my network) to apply a holistic, synergistic approach to your healing.                   

This program runs for 12 weeks, and I will meet with you twice a week, for up to 2 hours per session. Sessions will typically include 30 minutes of conversation – it may include personal anecdotes from my 20-year experience in the healthcare field, specific Youtube videos and books, or referrals to other professionals in my personal network (such as physicians, hypnotherapist, psychologist, spiritual counselor, chiropractor, physical therapist, personal trainer, and even other bodyworkers). The remainder of the time is spent incorporating what is assigned for that week (either targeted massage therapy and bodywork, Yoga therapy, energy therapy, sound therapy, or a combination of these (depending on your specific needs) to help restore balance. You will also be engaged in weekly challenges.     

The goal is to teach you how to adopt a holistic approach to your body and your emotions to help bring balance to your life, establish new healthy habits, and create changes that promote long-term health. ​​

As a coach, my job is to hold space for my clients to listen to their hearts and their bodies so they can make empowered choices in their lives. 

The next start date for the next 12-weeks is 01/06/2020! Spaces are limited to 4 clients per month. Call now for more information and to reserve your space! (863) 853-0031     ​